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For this exotic NURU MASSAGE we mix top shelf bourbon with warm nuru gel, then add hot orange peels, few melted coffee beans and you are ready for the most amazing nuru delight. Got any idea how to use orange peels?

Nuru massage New York massage wonderfully creates a whole new mind set which allow you to think and grow. It’s an emotional healing helps in building up self-esteem and self-worth. Massage stimulate and improve circulation of blood and muscle tissues. Massage gives strength to your body and increases your energy vitality and sensual life.

Nuru Massage in New York

They help you to get overall experience liberating and rejuvenating your body. Massage is best way to enhance the overall health and quality of life. Massage stimulates sensual pleasure in your body. They are proving professional people to perform this job to give you a benefit beyond limits. Nuru massage is a stress relief buster and total game changer. It uplifts your sprit with excellent mood and idea of pleasure. Massage highly recommendable to stress instant relief from all mental and physical stress. A sensual touch that defines you and rectify your toxic in body. massage is an art of correction and well-being of one self. It is a massage which is originated in japan. The word Nuru means smooth or slippery. One can have this massage, its sensational process which temps our body and make us feel relax. Nuru gel is entirely water based and hundred percent natural product which absorbs in body very quickly. Nuru massage relaxes your entire body and stimulate blood circulation with soft touch and slippery hand skills. Nuru gel is a complete lubricant that doesn’t affect muscle tissues and make your skin look younger and attractive. A Nuru massage lead towards a lot of fun and deep down relaxing activity. Its exceedingly successful, pleasure and healing technique which rejuvenate your body and function of organs.


Nuru Studio presents

Nuru massage New York have highly skilled professionals to massage your entire body. A sensual touch that can leave you breath less and in a condition where you feel utter excitement. This gel makes hand or body movement on your body so smooth that you get such sexual feeling with pleasure and ease. Nuru massage helps in blood circulation with right hand movement on your body. A last long effect keeps you energetic and refreshing thoughts the massage even after it. It melts away all your stress and make you excited with unique pleasure experience that can’t be forget easily. Body to body massage actions gives you self-esteem with powerful tight body that make a good impression on others. A massage is best way to flexible your stiff muscles and body parts. A Nuru massage is body to body massage with special gel made of seaweed that is so slippery and Grease. It allows one’s body to slip over others. It’s a Japanese massage therapy which is an ancient art to get relaxed body with unbelievable experience. Nuru massage gel stays on body and gives smooth slippery surface on which one can do an extraordinary massage. Nuru gel is colourless and tasteless gel which makes your body smooth while stimulating your body parts and organs.